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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Long Distance with Pets

Moving with pets is not the same as moving without them. This guide will walk you through all of the steps, from finding a moving company to ensuring your pet's safety is taken care of when moving a long distance. It's vital to find San Jose moving companies specializing in moving long-distance with pets and have experience in this type of move.

How do moving companies in San Jose help you to move long distances with pets?

  • Provide experienced movers that can take care of your pet's needs during the move.
  • Ensure maximum protection for your possessions and pets by using well-maintained vehicles, proper insurance coverage, equipment to facilitate loading, and secure transport, along with trained / professional drivers.
  • They abide by state and local rules regarding the safe transportation of animals in vehicles.
  • They ensure that animal carriers are completely secure inside the moving vehicle, so you can be sure your pet is safe during transit.
  • The best long-distance movers will provide a customized solution for every move while considering all of your needs, budget, and timeframe.
  • They will assist in making sure all necessary documentation is complete so you can get your pets to their new home as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Moving companies know the veterinarians, boarding facilities, and pet transport services that allow them to recommend the best option for your pets when a long-distance move is required.
  • Moving company San Jose provides a complete and accurate estimate of the move, so you know what to expect.
  • Long-distance movers can assist in making local arrangements for your pets while you are moving long-distance and ensure their safety during the transition period between homes.
  • Specialists will use special equipment and supplies to protect your possessions during the move.



What are the rules surrounding moving with pets?

Specific rules surround moving animals across state lines, which you should become familiar with before making arrangements to move long distances. Some guidelines prohibit shipping both cats and dogs via air cargo unless it is a good breed for this mode of transport. Dogs must be at least eight weeks old to travel by air. The safest method for transporting your pets is via ground transport.

San Jose moving company can advise you of the specific rules that apply to your destination state and provide all relevant documentation required by the agencies or other transportation providers for your pet's safe transport (s).

What do I need to know about moving long-distance with a pet?

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If you want to move long distances with your pets, there are a few things that you will need to do well in advance of the move:

  • Make sure your pets are micro chipped, spayed, or neutered, and up to date on all vaccinations.
  • Arrange pet health certificates from your vet if required by your destination state for entry of the animal into the new home state.
  • To prevent any health issues, make sure your dogs and cats are treated with frontline or similar topical medications to ward off fleas and ticks. 


If you're looking to move long distances with your pets, don't go at it alone. We recommend reaching out to a professional moving company, San Jose that knows what they are doing. Moving can be stressful for humans, but imagine how much more difficult the experience is when adding pet.

A reputable mover will make sure all of your furry friends come along nicely and without any hiccups or delays during their journey. 

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