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The 8 Worst Moving Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

Moving is a stressful process. It's full of decisions, expenses, and uncertainty about what to do with your things. You can minimize the stress by making sure you're aware of the eight worst moving mistakes that people make. These are easy to avoid if you know about them ahead of time!

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Not measuring your items.

One of the worst mistakes that people make when moving is not correctly measuring their items. You should measure all big and heavy items to ensure that they will fit in your new home. Our moving service shows our customers a 3D rendering of how an item would look in a particular space before they book their move.

Not knowing the weight of your items.

Another common-moving mistake that people make does not know how much their stuff weighs. It would help if you always got an estimate on the weight of your items before you move them to avoid any unexpected charges at the end of your move. It can do by bringing a few representative samples along with you when you are getting your estimate.

Not protecting your valuables.

Another moving mistake that people make is not correctly protecting their personal belongings during a move. It includes things like watching the walls from scratches, covering wood floors with oilcloth and wrapping dishes in newspaper before packing them in boxes full of paper to protect against chipping or breakage.

Our moving San Jose Company offers moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper to all our customers during their move.

Not scheduling enough time.

It is one of the worst moving mistakes that people make. Every move takes at least a few days from start to finish, so if you try to rush your move, you risk making a mistake and possibly damaging some of your items. It would help if you planned for your move to take up to a week in most cases. That way, you will have time to pack your items up without rushing.

Not hiring professional movers.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is not hiring professional movers to help them with their move. It means they are stuck trying to do everything by themselves, loading and unloading trucks, carrying heavy things up and downstairs, etc. By hiring professional San Jose movers, you will be relieved of the burden that comes with moving.

Not getting quotes from the best moving company?

Another moving mistake that people make is not getting quotes from the best moving company. All of our movers in San Jose are professional and aim to provide their customers with a smooth and stress-free move.

Not having your new address ready for your mover.

When you book a mover, they will need your new address for them to schedule your move. It is another of the most common moving mistakes that people make-not having their new address ready when they book with us or not letting their mover know where to go when they arrive.

Not knowing what days you will be available for loading and unloading.

Another one of the most common moving mistakes that people make does not know when they will be available for loading and unloading. Our San Jose mover recommends that you do your packing one day before the actual move so that you have time to relax on the day of your move. This way, you can sign in/out with your mover as needed without rushing.



As you are preparing for your move, it's vital that you carefully consider the following eight mistakes people commonly make when moving to San Jose. Avoiding these common pitfalls will help ensure a smooth transition into your new home! For more info or advice about anything related to our moving service, please get in touch with us today!

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